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The Kyosei Foundation is a small umbrella, transparent charitable non-profit organization based on education established in 2015 with aid programs that provide quality education opportunities and community support projects.
We are a fully volunteering run charitable organization. All contributions go directly to projects, programs, and low operating costs.
We take great pride in the fact that Kyosei is a truly open charitable non-profit organization; we are a lowly people organization, coordinated to provide assistance where it is most needed. It is an officially registered charity with a Registration No: 00NGO/08612 located in Arusha, Tanzania - East Africa.







Help build a School for vulnerable children in Arusha









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Making every challenge in the life of a vulnerable child and disadvantaged groups as a second chance-education opportunity in order to eradicate poverty and strengthen a strong foundation of the power of education to be a success story towards a brighter future.


We are committed to and shall continue helping the following target groups:


  • Ally J. Mshana, Country: Tanzania
  • In 2015, I joined Kyosei after I found Steven as the Director of KTC and hosted me for free education and accommodation, I was very bad, I didn’t even know to greet somebody in English but now I see my english is very better and I also got some opportunity for a second chance in my Education and I qualified my final examination in 2018 and get an opportunity to join my high advanced secondary education in science (PCM) in 2019.
    My future is to be a teacher so that I can pay back what Kyosei gave to me.

  • Madelaine Ljungholm, Country: Sweden
  • I am now back for my second time at Kyosei Foundation. I don’t even know where to begin in describing my feelings regarding Kyosei and Tanzania. The warmth you meet, the smiling faces. It just fills my heart with joy.
    My friend (Jenifer Stoor) and I found Mr Steven Saning’o, the founder of Kyosei. This was my first time volunteering and I didn’t know what to expect. We went there with open hearts and minds. From day one Mr Steven, his wonderful wife and all the students made us feel welcome and safe.
    We lived in a room next to the students, had dinner at Mr Steven’s house together with his family and the students. So the experience was truly unique and genuine. These amazing people stole a piece of my heart, and this piece will always belong to them. Of course there were challenges. But they were never big. The living standard is different from what we were used to, the food, the language, the traffic. But this was never a problem. A few tips is to bring a head torch and a power bank for power breaks (they happen), read some tips about cultural “do’s and don’ts” and learn a few phrases of swahili before you come. If you can greet people in swahili you will have hundreds of new friends in no time.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions 🙂 I’m happy to tell more about my experience at Kyosei Foundation

  • Elizaveta Kolesova, Country: Russia
  • I thank Kyosei Foundation for taking me to their family and showing the real life of this beautiful continent.
    I worked as a teacher of English and literature (yes, I even needed my scientific degree) with older students who were motivated to learn and gain new knowledge. Together we read and analyzed African literature and various topics of business English. It was an amazing time that allowed me to feel my need – I saw the result of my contribution to someone’s life, I saw life itself, so different from mine, but equally important. Education – a huge force that can turn human destinies.
    The students and teachers of the school accompanied me during the excursions and tried to show me as much beauty of these places as roommates helped me in my daily life and laughed when I first tried to wash my clothes in my arms, and the manager and founder of the school Steven became a true friend for me. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!

  • Tara Hill & Richard Hill, Country: British
  • We spent 6 weeks volunteering at Kyosei and what a humbling, rewarding experience it was. We arrived with funds raised for the school after climbing Kilimanjaro and ready to get involved with the practical side of helping to build the new classrooms at the new site. Steven was both surprised and so thankful for he didn’t expect either from us – the money or that we were ready ‘to get our hands dirty’. Steven himself works extremely hard and is so dedicated to his vision for the school, he has great plans and all of his waking hours are committed to those plans which is wonderful to see. Every day after teaching at the old site he would come and join us at the new construction site and while we were putting up ceiling boards he would plough the fields around the school and sow maize ready to feed the children next year, he was rarely back at the compound before 8pm every night. The best part of this experience was living with Steven and his family, he and his wife Mama Lau opened not only their home to us but also their hearts and we came to love them easily. It was a completely authentic Tanzanian experience living within the community, we shared 3 meals a day all together with chatter and laughter and also Swahili lessons. Nothing was too much trouble for them, if we needed anything we just had to ask. Another highlight was the Serengeti safari, such good value for money and not to be missed. We would highly recommend this host to anyone. Much love Steven and family, we wish you all the luck in the world for the future, what you are doing for the children of Arusha is nothing short of amazing, we hope to see you somedays again ????

  • Sarah Landskron & Trevor Deussen, Country: USA
  • Volunteering with Kyosei was an experience we will never forget. We stayed with Steven and his family for 2 months. The living situation is truly an authentic experience. Be prepared to live like a true Tanzanian. It took us some time to adjust but we are stronger for it. The people of Arusha have an “Hakuna Matata” attitude; life is at this pace and things happen according to this mindset. You’ll need to be open and flexible but you will be thankful in the end.

    The classes range from preschool all the way to adult classes with vocational training. Kyosei’s mission is powerful and the organization is doing so much to help the children/youth of the future. It was very rewarding contributing to this mission.

    On weekends there are many day or weekend trips to do. You can also go on a multiple day safari but be prepared to shell out some money. Even the budget options are expensive. It’s definitely worth it though.

    This is an experience we will always remember and hold close to our hearts. We have our Tanzanian family now! We got pushed out of our comfort zone and grew in many ways. The way we view the world is extremely different. We wish Kyosei all the best and we know they will continue doing amazing things for their community. Thank you for everything

  • Joshua P Hart, Country: Canada
  • Volunteering at Kyosei was a fantastic eye-opening experience. The centre is serving a valuable role in Arusha to help children further their education in many ways. There was lots going on during the two weeks I spent volunteering. First, there were six other volunteers from various countries which made it enjoyable to work together and support each other. During my time in October and November, many students were attending classes to prepare for the start of secondary school in the new year. A couple volunteers spent the majority of their time working on English, math and science lessons with these kids. Other volunteers helped with the “adult” classes which could include some teenage students who are working to get themselves back into the government schools or further their vocational training with job-related skills. Other volunteers were helping on construction at the new school site. I mostly helped with digital content, including photos, videos and helping create a volunteer handbook. There are lots of ways to help and Steven and his team are happy to get you involved in any way you feel comfortable.
    Because there were so many volunteers I stayed a little further from the school at the home of the school principal. I enjoyed my time there and was well taken care of with food and a comfortable place to sleep. It will take a little while to get accustomed to how to navigate Arusha using the minibuses, but once you do it’s a great cultural experience to immerse yourself in! The locals will be fascinated by your presence and you will get lots of attention from kids on the street! It will make you feel like a celebrity each day. The team at Kyosei will be eternally grateful for your help and were always kind, welcoming and warm. Thanks for the great experience!

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