Local Community Support

Apart from the pre- and primary school that the Kyosei Foundation is building at the moment – thanks to generous donations of external supporters – the organization wishes to support the local community as well, by providing basic education on topics that are important in daily life in order for families to have a better life. The community support programs target mothers and fathers together with their children, no matter if the child is a student at Kyosei or not. For example: It is important for local people to learn how to cultivate plants and harvest the crops because farming and agriculture is the number one source of income for many families in this area outside of Arusha. Information on how to make fertilisers or prepare balanced meals and nutritious food.

Women Empowerment Programs

The women empowerment programs of Kyosei Foundation aim to counteract the increasing number of young women who not finish school in local communities in the area of Arusha due to pregnancy surges, HIV/AIDS infections as well as a lack of mensuration sanitation hygiene care. We hope to provide knowledge as well as prevention methods for our female students and the community in general.

Sexual Education Program

Our sexual education course highlights and focuses on encouraging absence from sexual intercourse and helpful skills on vocalizing consensual sexual activity. Students leave with knowledge to help avoid sexually transmitted infections, as well as education young women on the options of protection methods.

Breast Health Awareness

We want students and the community in general to become more informative on What is Breast health awareness? How to detect early signs of Breast cancer and how we can give ourselves self examinations at home. The goal is for our young women to understand the importance of body awareness.

Healthcare and HIV/AIDS

Teach health, hygiene or the prevention of infectious disease. Offer prenatal counseling, physical fitness classes or diabetes prevention workshops. In Tanzania with HIV/AIDS being a leading cause in diagnoses and virus detection we want volunteers that are passionate about teaching the power of protection against sexual intercourse; as well as knowledge on how without proper treatment HIV can develop into The AIDS virus.

Education on Menstrual Hygiene

This community support program attempts to reach underprivileged young girls and women who face great challenges in terms of menstruation hygiene. It provides them with necessary tools and knowledge to cope with those challenges. Many of them have no access to sanitary or reusable menstruation pads due to lack of financial resources. Left with no help and only inappropriate utensils, the feeling of embarrassment is often overwhelming. Young girls and women have to deal with unpleasant leaks and odors, and even have to leave work or school due to their issues with menstruation, sometimes they remain absent for up to a week each month during their menstrual cycles. These frequent absences from school put them behind the curve when it comes to learning and many girls never recover from this missed time.

Kyosei Foundation came to recognise this growing problem amongst its own students and staff. Hence, the organization implemented this community program of educating young girls and women on this difficult topic and makes sure all of them attend this mandatory course in order to receive valuable knowledge. After having completed this course, students receive a sustainable, proper care package. The goal is to leave all Kyosei girls and women feeling powerful, knowing how to care for themselves the time of menstruation. In many cases, these program is extended to the local community so that even more women are reached and educated.

The lack of education on sexual health is the main reason for the increasing number of teenage pregnancies. One in four girls between the ages of 15-19 is more then likely become pregnant. Without addressing all the issues of being a teenage mother in an area already facing extreme poverty, Tanzania’s schools do not allow these girls to attend school anymore on the grounds of “offences against morality”. They are expelled and not allowed to return, essentially punishing them, leaving another generation of children getting raised by parents who never completed their schooling. Ultimately, it means the continuation of the cycle of poverty.