Community Support

In the past few years Kyosei Foundation has had the ability to plant seeds of knowledge into our young women and men mentally but also we have been afforded help from our past volunteers to further expand physically as well. In the process of Kyosei continuously growing our new site is still in a phase of constant remodeling. We have a few different projects that we are working toward development of our school. Volunteers can participate in construction projects, small projects helping to build what will become our community garden, or farming fruits as well as vegetables. Together we can create a bigger and brighter Kyosei.
“With growths inspires evolution”-Steven Saningo

School Construction and Renovation-
Schools in Arusha are often overcrowded but also serve as an important function for the children in the community. Here at The Kyosei Foundation we are emphasizing on creating an experience more focused on smaller class sizes to maximize the learning for the students. At the moment we currently have two classrooms that has been built in 2019. However, the school is not ready to be registered as the government needs at least six classrooms to be approved. With the help of volunteers can we build more classrooms to help us reach our goals.

Volunteers can have the option to be apart of varies projects related to cultivating plants as well as learning to harvest the crops to making fertilizers for the boys and girls to have balanced nutrient meals daily. Our cultivating projects currently are as listed: corn fields as well as beans stocks; with fruit trees i.e mango and avocado.

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