Kyosei Pre and Primary School

Our school’s full name includes the term, “English Medium.” This signifies that our school is an English immersion school, where English is spoken all day.  In Tanzania, government primary schools (through grade 7) are taught in Swahilli, the native language. English is taught as a separate language class. However, government secondary schools (grades 8-12) are taught in English. Thus the children in an English Medium School become more conversant in English and are a step ahead to succeed in Secondary School.

We are managing a community private school in the rural areas outside of Arusha town. The main goal is to offer vulnerable children and low income families a chance for an early start pre-school program for children from 3 to 6 years old, as well as a primary school program starting from Grade 1 – 7 academic years. Therefore we aim to build a strong foundation of both the English Language and Extra Curricular Skills. For instance, subjects taught in the pre- and primary school in English are: Mathematics, Environmental Care, Health Care, Arts and Craft, Writing and Reading. Our students are taught by local teachers that are well experienced and highly qualified. Additionally, we regularly welcome international volunteers who assist our local team and help teach the underprivileged children.

The main objective of our school program is to create a sustainable pre- and primary school in Arusha that will provide free, high-quality education opportunities to disadvantaged children in the rural areas. Students at Kyosei shall acquire a basic educational foundation and learn essential life skills, so that they can excel in primary education easily and show excellent performance in secondary education. We aim develop their voices and build their confidence in order for them to learn how to express themselves freely.


Together, we can do more than simply get children into the classroom – we can empower them to step out of poverty. Get involved now and start making an impact on these kids’ life by donating. We need your support in the following areas:

Help us in building a brighter future for the underprivileged children in the rural areas of Arusha. Together we can eradicate poverty through the power of education. Kyosei Pre & Primary School’s enrolment, as of 2022, is 117 students, 62 boys and 55 girls, in pre-school through Upper Class. We will add 7 more grade levels over the next 7 years, offering Primary Education Under Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Tanzania (MoEST) through grade 1 – 7. Students will then move on to other secondary schools in the region.

Secondary Education

Many middle-aged children to not continue going to school after have finished primary education. Facing the costs of private education, many families are not able to provide necessary financial resources that would allow the student to visit any educational program. This inevitably leads to the continuation of the cycle of poverty, as children are forced to start working and earning money in their early teenage years. These kids are unlikely to ever advance beyond primary education and face a life of hustling each day to make ends meet.

For the fortunate students who move onto secondary school, additional challenges are waiting. Throughout primary school, all instruction is done in Swahili, the official language of Tanzania. However, once they start secondary school, all subjects are now taught in English. The basic, rudimentary English classes in primary school do not adequately prepare them to become fully immersed in English in secondary school. Many students struggle and drop out. Kyosei provides these students in particular with preparatory training in secondary subjects like mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, geography, history, civics, Kiswahili and English. The organization also offers advice when it comes to retaking and succeeding in the national exams, e.g. by facilitating the enrolment process.