Our biggest stream of donations comes from fundraising, In real terms – we are seeking financial support to any one ready to organise a fundraising campaign. Our current situation need funds in both short and long terms plans such as:- Paying decent salaries for the teachers,Paying rents and other bills, Help buying building materials, Sponsor Kids Education, Sponsor to build a new classroom, build a volunteer and teachers’ house, Build school kitchen, Build school fence, Purchase a School bus and School teaching materials.

Create a Fundraising Campaign: Small gestures can have a big impact where it matters

Pick your own fundraising Ideas

Here are some highlights to help.

  • Set yourself a fitness challenge and collect sponsorship. You can tailor your challenge to your fitness level! How about running 1 mile a day for a month or running a marathon over a week?
  • Host a virtual tea party and ask for a small donation. Add an extra layer of fun and ask your guests to compete in a cake or biscuit decorating competition.
  • Have a go at livestreaming for Kyosei Foundation. You can live stream almost anything that you think will be interesting for your audience. Here are a few examples: gaming, online tutorials such as yoga, knitting, baking, or juggling. You could even treat your viewers to a musical performance!
  • Host a work team social – get together with your colleagues or relatives for after work social through video chat and donate what you would have spent on drinks and even your commutes.
  • Indoor sports day – host an indoor challenge event for your children. Who can do the most star jumps or cartwheels? How fast can you run around the garden? How many goals can you score in a minute?
  • Host a movie night for your friends and ask everyone to donate the cost of a cinema ticket.
  • Host an online dance party. Invite your friends to help create the playlist and make it extra special by including songs which have a shared memory attached to them. Singing and dancing together will create a huge mood boost. Donate what you might have spent on a night out.
  • Host a birthday to celebrate your birthday and support vulnerable children in Tanzania!
  • Host a Christmas and New Year celebration to support vulnerable children in Tanzania!

Raising money online

Even if you don’t spend much time online, a lot of people do! Spread the word so people know what you’re planning. Set up a Facebook event, send out invitations, and message everyone you know.
One of the easiest ways to raise money is by using an online fundraising page – it’s quick, simple and convenient. You can create your own custom page, too. Just click on one of our current links below to visit the campaign pages and start raising funds to help us build a new classroom for vulnerable children and youths in Tanzania.

Organize a campaign now

Create a campaign to raise funds for your chosen project and get your family and friends involved
Create an online quiz for Kyosei Foundation and ask everyone to donate £5 to join. You can help us organise a campaign online using platforms like  GofundMe, and others like Crowdfunding, Kickstarter, Fundly, Crowdfunded, Indiegogo, Bonfire and other that you know.


In the rural areas of Tanzania, access to school is not guaranteed for young children. Often, the next school is 2+ hrs away from their home by foot and families can not afford transportation. Hence, children stay at home and do not receive school education. The Kyosei Foundation is building a pre- and primary school in such an area and aims to help underprivileged children into a brighter future and provides them access to high-quality education.

The slogan of Kyosei Foundation is ‘Start Small, Start Now’ – it stands for investing in future generations by creating an impact in their early lives, no matter how small. However, the organization is completely dependent on donations, if to reach its goals. Even a donation of $1 makes a huge impact and can change the future of vulnerable children in these suburbs of Arusha. The funds to make Kyosei’s vision come true are simply not there; there is no financial support from the government. Children are in urgent need for a safe school, proper classrooms and professional teachers to escape the hard life.

When we all come together and get involved, we will see entire communities begin to change. With so many ways to make an impact, you can join us and participate in building our school in Arusha!

“We seek for your help to finish our school construction. Kyosei Foundation must meet the registration requirements as per the government rules. The government demands 12 classrooms in total to approve a permanent registration.”