Goals & Values

Goals and Objectives
Ensure that every vulnerable child, youth man and woman has the right to a proper foundation of education, hope for a second-chance and a better life through:

  • Raising awareness and building a brighter future by power of education and entrepreneurship,
  • Providing free quality education opportunities and training on a case by case basis,
  • Improving and eradicating poverty through education efforts,
  • Enhancing employability for graduates and Increasing Community involvement
  • Providing workshops in health and sex education to girls, women and youths,
  • Create women empowerment projects and sustainable solution for girls and women in disadvantaged areas
  • Promoting cultural exchange by welcoming volunteers from all around the world.

The organization shall consider the following values

  • Quality and education
  • Hope and respect
  • Decision making and creativity
  • Equal opportunity and empowerment
  • Integrity and dignity
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship.