In the rural areas of Tanzania, access to school is not guaranteed for young children. Often, the next school is 2+ hours away by foot from their home, and families cannot afford transportation. Hence, children stay at home and do not receive a school education. The Kyosei Foundation is building a pre- and primary school in such an area and aims to help underprivileged children into a brighter future by providing them access to high-quality education.

The slogan of the Kyosei Foundation is ‘Start Small, Start Now“; it stands for investing in future generations by creating an impact in their early lives, no matter how small. However, the organization is completely dependent on donations and fundraising to reach its goals. Even a $1 donation makes a huge impact and can change the future of vulnerable children in these suburbs of Arusha. The funds to make Kyosei’s vision come true are simply not there; there is no financial support from the government. Children are in urgent need of a safe school, proper classrooms, and professional teachers to escape their hard lives.

When we all come together and get involved, we will see entire communities begin to change. With so many ways to make an impact, you can join us and participate in building our school in Arusha!

“We seek your help to finish our school’s construction projects. The Kyosei Foundation has successfully met the registration requirements for a primary school as per government rules. The school demands six more classrooms, school transportation, a computer lab, a school fence and entry gate, a kitchen, and a sports field to make it a comfortable school for children ages 3–15”.

PHASE #1: 2017-2020

In 2017, Kyosei Foundation was able to purchase land of the size of 3.5 hectares thanks to the various generous contributions of international volunteers, local supporters, and external fundraisers. The land is located outside of the town of Arusha, in a very rural area called Terrat Ward, and comprises 17,200 square meters. In 2019 and 2020, with the help of further donations, three classrooms, an office, and toilets to accommodate 96 children were built. This was the very birth moment of the Kyosei Pre- and Primary School, as it is known today. The school gives many local children the chance to receive a high-quality education; otherwise, they would not have access to any kind of school education. The goal of the Kyosei Foundation is to eradicate poverty through education and build a better and brighter future for vulnerable children in Arusha, Tanzania. In specific, the aim is to build a school that has a capacity of 320 students.

We are very proud of our accomplishments and so incredibly thankful and grateful for the support our organization has received so far. Thinking back to the very start of Kyosei Foundation, it started operating in a single rented accommodation room in 2015 in Arusha town with only 10 students.

PHASE #2: 2021-2022

Due to continuous support from volunteers, local supporters, and external fundraisers, the Kyosei Foundation was able to grow further during the years 2021 and 2022. For instance, two more school classrooms were built. As of summer 2022, the school consists of six classrooms. Furthermore, a small temporary kitchen was constructed in which the schoolchildren’s breakfast (porridge) and lunch are prepared and served every morning and afternoon. Another building hosts an additional office as well as a large library that simultaneously functions as an extra study and temporary lab room.

The Kyosei Foundation welcomes volunteers from all around the world throughout the year. We are so happy to have you, and we are grateful for your support. Together, we can achieve our goals! However, only recently did we finish the construction work in the volunteer accommodation. From April 2022, Kyosei volunteers will stay in a newly built family home together with the founder of Kyosei Foundation, Steven Saning’o, and his wife, Mama Lau, who prepares three meals a day for the volunteers and helps them in any matters. We are so proud to offer our volunteers a safe home away from home!

PHASE #3: 2023-future

Although the Kyosei Foundation has achieved so much in recent years with the help of past generous donations, more funds are massively and urgently needed to finish building the school. There are certain governmental requirements to be met, and for that, further construction work is planned. See below for future expansion plans for the Kyosei Foundation. We kindly ask you to participate and help with fundraising in order to reach our goals. Underprivileged, vulnerable children, orphans, and low-income families—the local community in general—are waiting for their school to be ready. Let’s make this happen together!



Equipment for the classrooms: 16 tables, 32 chairs, 3 shelves, 1 blackboards, 1 dustbin, 1 teacher’s desk.

($ 2,200)


Equipment for school yard: 2 swings, 1 slide, 10 soft mats, 1 table tennis table + raw materials and work fee.

($ 5,110)


The school’s greatest need is to finish all the buildings. We now have six classes left to build up to the seventh grade. Costs below rated for one classroom.

($ 12,200)


Parking lot for visitors and school buses, as well as fence and entrance gate for increased security.

($ 17,500)


Recurring teaching aids:  (Textbooks and other supplies) and learning materials.

($ 4,750).


Electricity in school facilities powered by sustainable power sources such as solar panels.

($ 13,000)


safe and fast transportation of students to and from school via school-owned buses, as many of them have to walk for 2+ hours all by themselves.

($ 12,300)


Providing clean water to the students because tap water is not drinkable reduces the cost of sourcing water externally.

($ 2, 900)

Even €1 can make a great impact on vulnerable children's lives in Arusha!

Help donate or raise funds for our school's construction materials and teaching and learning materials.

Donate now!

Personal Info

Here below the BANK DETAILS for Kyosei Foundation in Tanzania.

A/C: 0152330887600
Sole proprietor controller: STEVEN SANINGO MOLLEL

Also you can use Western Union transfer as well
ZIP code: 23100, Arusha
A/C: 0152330887600

Donation Total: $100.00

“We are searching for volunteers and funders to help finish our school’s construction projects. The Kyosei Foundation has successfully met the registration requirements for a primary school as per government rules. The school demands six more classrooms, school transportation, a computer lab, a school fence and entry gate, a kitchen, and a sports field to make it a comfortable school for children ages 3–14+”.

We would highly appreciate your support in raising more funds to reach our goals. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about one or multiple of the named construction projects, such as information on the specific costs and the timeline. You can set up your own fundraising campaign on trusted crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe. We are happy to send you some up-to-date photos of the current state of the school facilities and ongoing construction, if needed, as well as the Kyosei Foundation bank details for the transfer of donations. Only with the help of generous supporters are we able to expand our organization. We are so thankful from the bottom of our hearts!