Menstrual Hygiene

This program is a best solution to reach needly young girls and women who face great challenges in their periods, young girls and women have no access of sanitary and reusable pads due to lack of financial support of which create embarrassing leaks and odors and drop off education and work.
Came to be created after learning the decrease in attendance with our young women at times of mensuration due to a lack of proper sanitation, With our mensuration program we make sure all our young women as well as our women throughout the community have access to a mandatory course to receive correct interactive knowledge of how to care for ones self during those times. At the completion of the course students can and will receive proper care packages that will be sustainable and leave our girls feeling powerful for best outcome to excel.
Girls in secondary school are met with additional obstacles. Only about a third of girls who enter secondary school will graduate. Poor access to sanitary products, a lack of education around feminine hygiene, and no money to solve these problems means that most girls will be absent from school for up to a week each month during their menstrual cycles. These frequent absences from school put them behind the curve and many girls never recover from this missed time.

The lack of education on sexual health creates another issue of teenage pregnancies. One in four girls between the ages of 15-19 will become pregnant. Without even addressing all the issues of being a teenage mother in an area already facing extreme poverty, Tanzania’s schools do not allow these girls to attend school anymore on the grounds of “offences against morality”. They are expelled and not allowed to return, essentially punishing them, ensuring another generation of children gets raised by parents who never completed their schooling, and continuing the cycle of poverty.

Kyosei also addresses the disadvantages that young women face, by providing sessions on women’s empowerment, health and sexual education aimed at reducing pregnancies, and access to feminine hygiene products in an effort to keep more girls in school and raise their graduation rates.

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