We are a dedicated team focused on educating and empowering disadvantaged children and youth in the rural areas of Arusha, Tanzania, by providing education opportunities and thus a brighter future for the community. We cooperate with local authorities and international volunteers to turn the life of a child into a success story.

Our Management Team

Steven Saning’o Mollel

Founder & Managing Director

Julius M. Stoni

Project Manager

Mrs. Riziki 'Family'

Hospitality Coordinator

Mary Yohanes

Social Worker & Volunteer Coordinator

Our Staff

Madame Claudia

Sports Coordinator

Madam Dorica

Academic Teacher

Madame Esther


Madame Joyce

Head Teacher (HD)

Madame Anna

Teacher & Child Coordinator

You, a Volunteer

Assistant Teacher

Madame Rachel


Mr Andrew 'Babu'

Facility Manager

Madame Oliva


Sir. Amani

Teacher & Football Coordinator


” The Management Team of Kyosei Foundation, under the supervision of the Managing Director and the Director of Volunteer Engagement, as the whole team behind all the children, thank each and everyone who has and will contribute to our mission in any form. We thank our volunteers, supporters, and external fundraisers for their generosity, wisdom, tolerance, creativity, and passion to help. To all those individuals who have supported our project and donated, no matter how much, when, or how little, we assure you that your contribution really has a great impact on the future of children’s lives ”.