Situation of the children in Tanzania

In Tanzania, an estimated 1,300,000 children are orphans due to HIV and other diseases. Growing up without a family or in a dysfunctional family environment has serious implications on a child’s mental and physical development. The combined gross school enrollment ratio in Tanzania is now 57.3 %. However, government funding of primary and secondary education is very low.
Reasons given by schools for dropping out of school:

1. Child labour is a very complex problem: Child labour steals the youth of children and their right to an education. It is damaging for their mental and physical health, The main reasons as to why child labour exists are poverty and illiteracy or lack of knowledge, lack of education, with good reason that most of Masai community force their children to keep goats and cows instead of giving children a chance for education.

2. Poverty: Poverty is a major cause of drop outs due to school expenses like school fees, uniforms and others.

3. Distance: Pre and Grade 1 school going age are still at home because they are not able to walk long distances to and from school. In some districts school children were expected to cover more than six kilometres per day.

4. Confusion of fee free basic education policy: The elimination of school fees also leads to an increase in the student population over 100 students in a room with one teacher, and even with the the addition of new schools, class sizes are enormously overcrowded. In some households, poor families and vulnerable children were not able to attend school due to lack of school requirements such as uniforms, school supplies and meals. –

5. Pregnancy and Forced Marriage: In Tanzania at least 8, 000 girls dropped out due to pregnancy, It feels like girls dreams are shattered down. She’d be forbidden from returning to school, Last year Tanzania’s president John Pombe Magufuli declared support for a ban on expectant mothers from public schools ”No pregnant girl will go back to school ”He claims this directive will curb teen pregnancy. But in a county where a quarter of girls give birth before 20, the policy denies education to thousands, Tanzania is one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates on earth.

6. Deaths: Death of children parents is also a cause of drop out of children from school as no longer parental for a child.

7. Parental restrictions: In all districts covered by the verification study it is found that parents restricted their children from attending school in order for them to undertake domestic chores.

8. Truancy tendencies: Truancy is also identified as a major reason causing drop out of children.

9. Bad youth groups: Peer groups which lacked role models for the importance of the power of education, attracted some of the truant children to join them.

Indeed, school enrolment is the key to a stable adult life and job opportunities. That’s why these children need a sponsor more than anything, to enable them to have a proper education and investing in a brighter future

Here are a list of children NEEDING EDUCATIONAL SPONSORS.
Sponsorship costs for the 2020/2021 academic year are approximately 840$ per year and a student will now be boarding students! Sponsor one, Invest in a future

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