Daniel Megiroo

He is 9 years old, and he is a very smiling and dynamic Masai boy who wasn’t able to meet his father as he died of tuberculosis (TB). This drama forced his mom to live a life of misery and to struggle every single day of her life. Daniel is also currently struggling, living with his grandmother in Mirongo, Arumeru District. His mother is married to another man, and they don’t care for Daniel, so this young boy has never tasted any parental or fatherly upbringing since his birth. Kyosei is dedicating this young boy’s life to education by bringing him to our preschool program, but we are not sure of his future without a sponsor. Indeed, his family wants him to stay in the countryside to keep goats and cows, with no education at all and not giving him any options about his future. But this little boy as well as the Kyosei direction are determined to provide him with a good education so he will be able to choose what life he wants to live, but a decent life anyway. Moreover, since August 31st, 2020, we have brought Daniel from his remote village, so he is now attending our preschool program. He is making a lot of progress and happens to be a smart little guy who loves to learn new things, but his future is still unsafe. In fact, Daniel only knows the Masai language, so he is now learning both English and Swahili. We love to see him learn so fast, but we fear that without a sponsor, he might have to go back to his previous life since Kyosei can’t afford both his accommodation and his primary education. That’s why the Kyosei Foundation really needs a sponsor soon.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Fees to access a better school with a good curriculum taught in English and encouraging further learning,
  • uniforms and other school supplies,
  • Meals during the day at school,
  • Transport to school every day.
  • Medical expenses.