Editha Thobias

Editha is a 9-year-old Masai girl who is always helping her friends. She has so many friends; everybody loves her. Moreover, she is a really hardworking student, always the first or second best in her class. But being good at school is not enough for her; she wants her friends to succeed as well, so she always translates for the kids who speak only the Masai language and helps them understand the lesson. Her parents live far away and can’t afford any preschool programs, so Kyosei welcomes her for free. However, her education is at stake; for now, her parents can’t afford preschool, so we provide her with quality education and accommodation for free. But we won’t be able to pay for her primary education, so she needs to find a sponsor more than anything.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Fees to access a better school with a good curriculum taught in English and encouraging further learning,
  • uniforms and other school supplies,
  • Meals during the day at school,
  • Transport to school every day.
  • Medical expenses.