Fatuma Abdalah

She is a 5 years old special need child living with her mom, three sisters and one young brother, all living in a basic mud renting room shelter at Sinoni area in the Arusha region. Her mom is day by day worker in a local market where she sells potatoes and greens to be able to provide their basic needs like food and clothes. As such a vulnerable family lives very much hard to mouth to mouth, so the ability to bring Fatuma to school for elementary education is really complicated. That’s why we decided to help her by offering a preschool program free of charge with few school supplies like pencils, rubber, colors and books. She is a really hardworking, creative little girl and she is very motivated to learn despite her challenging circumstances.
Please help invest in her future for her primary education next year to make her dream of becoming a teacher possible.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Fees to access a better school with good curriculum’s taught in english and encourage further learning,
  • Uniforms and other school supplies,
  • Meals during the day and accommodation at school,
  • Transport to School everyday
  • Medical expenses.