Hemed Abdi

He is 4.5 years old and lives with his mom. His mom’s condition makes it even harder than usual to earn enough money to afford the basic school costs such as school uniform, exercise books and pencils. They both live in a small mud renting house with his grandma at Makao Mapya, Sinoni Ward. Hemed’s mom is struggling to provide him the basic needs but manages to earn a very low income with a local kiosk, cooking food and doing other chores.
Hemed loves playing with others, he is talented and is desperate to be able to go to school. That is why we offered him free preschool program. He hopes to be a great footballer one day so he can be playing like Messi or Ronaldo, haha that’s such a big dream !
Please help invest in his future for his primary education next year so he can find a way out of poverty for him and his family.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Fees to access a better school with good curriculum’s taught in english and encourage further learning,
  • Uniforms and other school supplies,
  • Meals during the day and accommodation at school,
  • Transport to School everyday
  • Medical expenses.