Isaya Mollel

Isaya is a special need 7 years old boy with a rare condition. He can’t talk but he’s always laughing, has many friends and plays all the time. He is Masaai and his mother is married to an old man who has 3 wives and many children. Before being able to go to school he’s father forced him to keep goats and cows. Fortunately his mother came to us and asked for help, so we decided to provide him free education so he’s now able to socialize, communicate with the other kids and understand Swahili and a bit of English. But next year Isaya will have to go to primary school and his parents can’t pay for his primary education, especially in a school for special needs kids. So he urgently needs to find a sponsor so he doesn’t have to go back to keeping goats and cows all day long.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Fees to access a better school with good curriculum’s taught in english and encourage further learning,
  • Uniforms and other school supplies,
  • Meals during the day and accommodation at school,
  • Transport to School everyday
  • Medical expenses.