We believe every child deserves the chance for a brighter future by receiving a proper education foundation. You can transform their lives by sponsoring them and providing them with an excellent education. Through educational and child sponsorship program, you can play a big role in Tanzania communities, make every challenge in the community to be a success story to the vulnerable children and youths. One of the big problems is poverty which lead to some children not attending school due to lack of money to pay school fees from their parents and unawareness towards the power of education.

Invest in a future, begin your child sponsorship journey today by finding a child on our website who is waiting for education sponsor, Kyosei Foundation’s compare all the vulnerable children and youths needing sponsorship and take objective decisions based on:
1) Urgent necessities due to level poverty including Lack of financial support, food, uniforms, fees, shelter, clothing, clean water, medical care etc.
2) Ambition to go to school and need of education support (level of poverty and low income families)
3) Orphans and semi orphans, as well impression on Academic performance (i.e. exam scores).
4) Home visits reveals that local families are really in need of support.(i.e. seek of evidence).

Kyosei Foundation has seen this and found out that only through $70 per month and $840 per year one child can go to a better quality education school and make his or her future brighter. We have a number of children who want to go to school and they are waiting for your sponsorship. Let us know if you would like to sponsor a child education or sponsor a construction project. Please contact us: info@kyoseifoundation.com

Sponsorship Programme Ideas

Types of sponsorship: As Kyosei Foundation is currently focused on the basic needs of the vulnerable children and youths in the projects we are involved in, here’s how you can be involved.

Sponsor for Education

Creating hope and second chance, Fight poverty through education by contributing a child’s primary, secondary, vocational trainings and university education. Schools in Tanzania are overcrowded more than 70 students with one teacher in the class, the majority of families can’t afford to send their children or youths to good schools with a quality education. While pre-primary schools and secondary education in Tanzania is funded by the government, there are many additional costs that still hinder students from low-income and vulnerable families to attend school. Many of our students cannot afford school uniforms, books, school meals or even transportation and are forced to end their education careers.

However, the majority of the high performing schools teach in English and providing excellent curriculums are fee and meals paying schools and very expensive. This gap in quality education creates a generation of school leavers who cannot compete for good higher education (e.g. University) or who cannot compete for good jobs and end up working in low paying jobs or jobless continuing the poverty cycle. By sponsoring a child education you’re ensuring:

Fees to access a better school with good curriculum’s taught in english and encourage further learning, Uniforms and other school supplies, Meals during the day and accommodation at school, Transport to School everyday and Medical expenses.

Sponsor a Teacher

Many schools struggle with large classes of 70 plus children in one class in Tanzania. This one of the most thing we are fighting for as we have experienced many schools lead to poor performance due to the shortage of teachers and lack of money to pay for more teachers’ salaries. Please we are making a difference, Research has shown children perform better in smaller class sizes, with the teacher being able to provide attention to where it’s needed most. By contributing towards the salary of a teacher you allow us more staff to be hired, where everyone can perform under better conditions.

Sponsor Meals

Without good nutrition children cannot perform at their best, concentrate and continue to grow well learning and develop their talents. Currently the children at the centre mostly receive basic porridge at both schools and we want to provide a basic meals of rice and beans, fruits and even that is a huge financial burden to feed every child. By contributing to the meals, you can ensure the children receive quality education with a more balanced and nutritious diet throughout the year.

Sponsor a building

At the moment we are still renting some rooms in the sinoni ward to operate our programs and accommodate some students, staff and volunteers. The biggest challenge is renting costs, inadequate security and insufficient environment for studies since most buildings here are crowded and security is too low, and lack of water sometimes be shared with toilets and other tenants. Land of (80m * 99m = 7,920 sq.m) for a new school was bought in 2017 for Tsh 7 million, but the school started operations in rented accommodation in 2015 at sinoni ward, Please help us build even one class-room at our future site.

I would like to Sponsor