Vocational Skills

In Tanzania, it is very difficult for students who dropped out of school to return to any educational program because there is a strict no second chance policy. The most frequent reasons for a student to leave school early are family issues, pregnancy and poverty. It means they are unable to finish either primary or secondary school and are never offered another chance to return to school to complete their education.

Kyosei Foundation targets these students in particular with its program of vocational skills. The goal is to provide dropped out children or teenagers with knowledge that they missed out on but is essential for future life, and additionally prepare them for specific careers. With the help of international volunteers, we aim to improve literacy, build the students independency and enhancing job opportunities. The following are areas in which Kyosei offers vocational skills classes:

  • Childcare Education
    There is a shortage of teachers in the education system in Tanzania; there is approximately one teacher per 100 students. Here at Kyosei, we are training the teachers of the future, of the next generation. Students who finish this course are equipped the required skills to become a teacher and will have a better chance to find employment. In fact, Kyosei Foundation even employed some of the those students itself, who participated and succeeding in this course.
  • Computer Skills
    The average Tanzanian citizen does not own a computer or a laptop, they barely have access to internet services at all. Kyosei Foundation provides especially middle-aged teenagers with necessary training to learn how to operate a computer. Useful software like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are introduced and a basic introduction of the internet, searching on the internet and email transactions is given to the students. Having this knowledge, it drastically improves their career opportunities.
  • Tourism and Hospitality
    Because of is fortunate location, the city of Arusha is the most popular place for international tourists to arrive and stay when they visit Tanzania – close proximity to different national parks, Mount Kilimanjaro and even the island of Zanzibar. Tourism is the number one economic driver in this area. Many locals choose a career in this industry. Kyosei Foundation offers educational courses that prepare young students for doing so.
  • International Languages
    Kyosei Foundation is able to teach different languages to its student, apart from English. For instance, the organisation welcomes international volunteers throughout the year who are encouraged to teach the Kyosei students in their native languages such as Spanish and French. We aim to foster communication skills and broaden the horizon, so that the students are more likely to find a high-quality job later on in life.