Vocational Skills

This project has a special target to help young adults, homeless girls, and youths in the local community.

In Tanzania, there is a strict no second chance policy. Students who are unable to finish school due to family issues, pregnancy, poverty, and etc are not able to return to complete their education. Here at Kyosei, our goal with the help of international volunteers is to improve literacy, build independency with vocational skills, and enhancing career opportunities. The different skills we offer are:

Childcare education-
In Arusha, there is a shortage of teachers in the education system. There is approximately one teacher per 100 students. Here at Kyosei we are training for teachers for the future. Students who finish the course receive the required skills to become a teacher for an employment opportunity. We even employed some previous students with Kyosei

Computer Skills-
The average Tanzanians do not own a home computer or have any access to internet services. We provide the necessary training to learn how to operate a computer, introduction to internet and software that can help students find employment (how to operate a computer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, email, internet searches, etc).

Tourism/ Hospitality-
The city of Arusha is a tourist hub-spot and well-located for visits to Tanzania National Parks, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar Beaches, and other cultural excursions. Students can study tourism and hospitality in preparation for careers in the industry.

International Languages-
At Kyosei we focus on teaching the students on speaking different languages like English, Spanish, French, and others to help students to communicate and maximize their communication skills as create job opportunities. Volunteers from Tanzania and around the world provide expertise in their respective languages.

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