Voluntary work is an excellent way for anyone to get a second chance to help others or giving something back to the local community while getting the opportunity to meet new people, learn valuable skills and make a positive contribution to society. If you are passionate about traveling, meeting people, learn new skills and get unforgettable memory, We strongly believes in “living and working together for the common good” to build a brighter future.

What you expect? – You expect to gain new experiences, develop leadership skills, wider your network with fantastic people, improve your further job prospects, And most importantly is to get remarkable memory and help this world become a better place for the brighter future of vulnerable groups. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Kyosei Foundation then please send us your CV and motivation letter through the email: info@kyoseifoundation.com

Volunteers Opportunity

International Volunteers

We are also looking for a minimum of 1- 3 months commitment from most volunteers. This ensures that the work you do can really make a significant impact on Kyosei Foundation and our students. Kyosei Foundation welcomes skilled volunteers in areas including: IT, Sewing / Tailoring, Medical, Youth/Social Work, Administration, Marketing, Business / Entrepreneurship, Administration and Accounting. If you have a skill to share, please contact us to discuss how and when you can help.

Please note: We do not offer any payment or wage for International Volunteers, but there is a title contribution to volunteer with us as currently we rents rooms to host volunteers.

Local Volunteers

If you are resident, there are often voluntary opportunities at Kyosei Foundation to assist in a variety of fields, but mostly teaching and tuition programs. These positions are extremely competitive and we receive daily enquiries about volunteering at Kyosei Foundation, however positions do become available, so if you think you have a skill to share, Please get in touch email: info@kyoseifoundation.com

Please note: We offer a small wage to the majority of local volunteers who support our programmes.

IT Professional

Kyosei Foundation is looking to recruit a volunteer IT professional to support our work. The position would involve:

  • IT Curriculum development and teaching support
  • System support / development
  • Website / Database support

Grants Manager

We are looking for an experienced Grants Manager to assist Kyosei Foundation with our fundraising. The role would include:

  • Maintaining and building donor relations
  • Securing new funding
  • Training current staff
  • Grants writer

Teacher Mentor / Education Advisor

The main focus of this position is to work closely with our local teachers to assist them in delivering a good quality educational programme to Kyosei Foundation’s vulnerable children and youths.
Tasks include:

  • Training workshops
  • Individual Teacher mentoring
  • Curriculum Development
  • Teacher Development
  • Teaching Spoken English and other subjects

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

We are looking for someone to develop our marketing and communications activities, enabling us to tell our stories more effectively. The job would involve:

  • Manage all communication strategies and activities
  • To ensure all communication material is correct and consistent with current strategies and objectives
  • Develop and implement communication strategies, marking promotional materials and tools to build awareness of the organization
  • Create social marketing and fundraising campaigns
  • Support our social media campaigns including website updates, e-newsletter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Train Kyosei Foundation staff

Tasks as a volunteer

Some tasks as a volunteer may include (according to project needs and your wishes): The job would involve:

  • Teaching English and assisting the children with their homework
  • Teaching Reading,Writing,Mathematics,Computers, Sports, Songs, Games, Dance, and other fun learning tools
  • Teaching IT / computer skills, Vocational skills, Communication skills and empowerment projects.
  • Assisting with construction work at our New School
  • Working with our staff at our projects in general
  • Assisting creating fundraising for the projects
  • Planning and organising free time and sport activities for the children
  • Household and administrative duties, such as helping to cook and gardening, sharing culture and traditions
  • Conduction workshops for health education to youths and young women

Become a Volunteer

Note: Accommodation in Arusha

Unfortunately Kyosei is still renting rooms in Sinoni Area to operate its programs and host volunteers, staff and few students. Volunteers are obliged to contribute a minimum contribution of  $ 50 USD per week all inclusive to help in supporting the organization activities. It’s that simple. With Kyosei there are no hidden costs or fees, we want you to be as comfortable as possible to make this life changing journey simple. The biggest single piece of advice is to volunteer directly with our charity working on the ground, not through for-profit agency. Also know that 100% of  our volunteer contributions and fundraising help covers our programs as well as your stay that help makes an impact to vulnerable children.

INCLUSIVES: Full program supervision and support, Accommodation and other bills (electricity and running water), All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), in Arusha at our volunteer house, but lunch and dinner on the weekends are not compulsory, Project orientation and step-by-step guidance, All visa supportive information documents like (letters and contact details for immigration purpose) and Online communication and other updates.

EXCLUSIVES: VISA for entry and stay, Vaccinations, Daily travel & expenses, Airport transfer on arrival (can be arranged), Airport transport on departure (can be arranged).

However, it depends on the length of the time you intend to stay and your personal requirements in Tanzania, Accommodation ranges for hostels from $15 per night without lunch and dinner and monthly apartments for $ 500 per month without lunch and dinner.

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