Volunteering is an excellent way of helping people in need and giving back to a local community while at the same time getting the opportunity to meet amazing people, learn new skills and make a valuable contribution to someone’s life. We welcome volunteers from all around the world throughout the year. Projects that international volunteers are involved in are for example our educational programs or in ongoing construction work.

After a busy and fun day working in our projects or exploring a different culture, there is nothing better than returning to a comfortable and relaxed environment and having the chance to unwind and share experiences with other volunteers, perhaps time to write a diary or blog, send pictures and messages home, cook dinner together and read a good book before falling asleep. Our house is spacious and comfortable and offers enough space for up to 8 volunteers.

Tasks & Volunteering Opportunities

International Volunteers

We are welcoming volunteers all around the year. However, we wish for a minimum of 1- 3 months commitment because this ensures that the work you do can really make a significant impact on Kyosei Foundation and our students. We welcome skilled (experienced) volunteers in areas including: IT / sewing & tailoring / medical / social work / administration, marketing & business / entrepreneurship & accounting. If that applies to you and you want to share your skills with Kyosei Foundation, Please contact us to discuss how and when you can help.

Please note: We do not offer any payment or wage for international volunteers. We request small weekly contributions for accommodation and low operating costs.

Local Volunteers

If you are resident, there are often voluntary opportunities at Kyosei Foundation to assist in a variety of fields, but mostly teaching and tuition programs. These positions are extremely competitive and we receive daily enquiries about volunteering at Kyosei Foundation. However positions do become available, so if you think you have a skill to share, please get in touch via email: info@kyoseifoundation.com

Please note: We offer a small wage to the majority of local volunteers who support our programmes.

IT Professional

Kyosei Foundation is looking to recruit a volunteer IT professional to support our work. The tasks would involve:

  • IT Curriculum development and teaching support
  • System support / development
  • Website / Database support

Grants Manager

We are looking for an experienced Grants Manager to assist Kyosei Foundation with our fundraising. The role would include:

  • Maintaining and building donor relations
  • Securing new funding
  • Training current staff
  • Grants writer

Sport Coach / Trainer & Social Worker.

We provide football training and competition (including attending tournaments) giving disadvantaged children from 6 to 20 years the opportunity to enjoy football, play and develop mentally and physically through the game Parallel to the football activities, the kids will follow an educational curriculum that is given in small courses teaching them in different subjects. We believe that everyone is a future star and the future belongs to the young generation.

Tasks include:

  • Coaching children from age 6 to 16+
  • Training practise every evening from 3: 30pm and Saturday’s morning from 8 am
  • Providing football skills
  • Support the couches to train the team
  • Going on weekend tournaments
  • Help with the social media pages
  • Help doing fundraising (to ensure we buy new jerseys, cones, gloves for goalkeepers, socks and shoes, balls, first aid kits, food and water during training and tournaments.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

We are looking for someone to develop our marketing and communications activities, enabling us to tell our stories more effectively. The tasks would involve:

  • Manage all communication strategies and activities
  • To ensure all communication material is correct and consistent with current strategies and objectives
  • Develop and implement communication strategies, marking promotional materials and tools to build awareness of the organization
  • Create social marketing and fundraising campaigns
  • Support our social media campaigns including website updates, e-newsletter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Train Kyosei Foundation staff

Become a Volunteer

Life as a Volunteer

Arrival and Pickup Information !

Both airports are in a good reachable position to Kyosei Foundation in Arusha, you can take your flight to (KIA) Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) or Arusha Airport (ARK).

  • We can arrange an airport transfer directly to the property for (USD $ 50 /One Way) anytime (duration approx. 1h 30mins), we will bring you with a taxi driver directly to our organization or living compound safely in Arusha.
  • Our local team are available 24/7 to provide support to you during your arrival and volunteer program.
  • Remember at the airport that you will have to pass the health surveillance desk, in case the flight had a stopover in any African Country like Kenya or Ethiopia.
  • Upon arrival at the immigration desk there is a little process that will probably take a bit time to obtain your Visa stamped.

Application and placement booking fees

​The registration and booking confirmation fee of $ 45 USD covers the work done to help prepare for your trip before you arrive. Our team is very involved in coordinating every step before and during your trip, spending as much time and as many hours as you need to help you prepare. We also take time to speak with our projects directly for each individual so they are ready for you when you arrive. This takes many hours and a lot of work to prepare.

Your application fee and placement contributions give you assurance that your placement is organised and accommodation is covered for your trip.

Homestay Costs & Living Compound.

A placement minimum contribution of $ 50 USD per week is to be paid by every volunteer. With this, all expenses are covered that occur during your stay in terms of accommodation and living. With Kyosei there are no hidden costs or fees, we want you to be as comfortable as possible to make this life changing journey simple.

This is shared communal living compound with other volunteers on their experience just like you and a local family like you in a newly refurbished local house in the rural areas outside of Arusha. We will do our best to make sure you’re comfortable by offering you private room or shared rooms upgrade or any special dietary requirements. The house is safe and clean, there is comfortable bedding, excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner and housekeeping. It is a quiet and friendly neighbourhood, only 15 minutes away from Kyosei school and a 30 minute drive away (by public transportation) from the main hustle and bustle of the city center of Arusha.

You will have 24 hour gated security, assistance and a cook (Mama Lau who will happily help you prepare all meals freely and do your laundry for a small fee).

A huge part of your experience will be the people you will share your accommodation with. We’ve done our best to provide a place that is much like a communal lifestyle and more like a home. With influences of local culture and soft comforts, we have created a space where our volunteers will feel like they are truly living a home away from home in Tanzania. As we say in Kiswahili, ”KARIBU KWETU | WELCOME TO OUR PLACE”.


Full program supervision, accommodation and other bills (electricity and running water), all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), project orientation and step-by-step guidance, all visa supportive information documents like (letters and contact details for immigration purpose) and online communications as well as in-country emergency support.


Visas, vaccinations, flights, travel insurance & personal expenses, mobile communication, airport transfer on arrival (can be arranged/additional costs), airport transport on departure (can be arranged/additional costs).

Contribution to Projects

25% of your accommodation fees will be assigned to support our educational programs and construction projects. Although we don’t necessarily think that making a simple financial contribution solve the complex issue that the local community faces, we do make a charitable donation on your behalf. Minimal administration costs also make up part our volunteer program contributions and these include the low running costs, porridge for school children and other teaching and learning materials for the school. While admin costs are a pain, there are absolutely no organisations, businesses or companies out there that can survive without them.

We want our volunteers to know they are valued and respected for their time as best we can.

General Tasks As A Volunteer

Some tasks as a volunteer may include (according to project needs and your wishes): The job would involve:

  • Teaching English and assisting the children with their homework or teaching different subjects like reading, writing, mathematics, computer skills, sports and games.
  • Assisting in IT / computer skills, Vocational skills, Communication skills and empowerment projects.
  • Assisting with construction work at our school projects.
  • Working with our staff at our projects in general
  • Assisting creating fundraising actions or content description for our projects
  • Planning and organising free time and sport activities for the children
  • Household and administrative duties, such as helping to cook and gardening, sharing culture and traditions.
  • Conduct workshops for health education to youths and young women based on empowerment program.


1. Immerse yourself in the gastronomy, music and language of Tanzania people.

2. Get a chance to work with the vulnerable children and community.

3. Gain experience working with an established Charity in many different areas of the organization.

4. Use your weekends and days off to explore the amazing places that Tanzania has to offer you.

5. Experience another culture, meet incredible people along the way and live abroad for an extended period of time.

6. Gain a better understanding of your future goals through this opportunity and watch children’s academic growth whilst developing your communication, teaching and empowering skills.