Who are we?

The Kyosei Foundation is a small umbrella, transparent charitable non-profit organization based on education established in 2015 with aid programs that provide quality education opportunities and community support projects. We are a fully volunteering run charitable organization. All contributions go directly to ongoing projects and programs as well as low operating costs.
We take great pride in the fact that Kyosei is a truly open charitable non-profit organization; we are a lowly people organization, coordinated to provide assistance where it is most needed. It is an officially registered charity with a Registration No: 00NGO/08612 located in Arusha, Tanzania East Africa.

We are a 100% volunteer charitable organisation that relies on donations. There are many way to help us, including donations, sponsorships, corporate partnerships and volunteering. We need your help to make a difference!

Our Mission, Vision and Values

OUR MISSION: To raise awareness to the power of education and provide second chances to those left behind in the Tanzanian education system. To support and help disadvantaged children and the youths of the Arusha community.

OUR VISION: To build a brighter future for the community by catering to the diverse cultural, academic, socio-economic needs and maintain a reputation for being an inclusive and vibrant source of empowerment in Tanzania.

In its overall work, this organization shall consider and implement the following values at all times:

  • High-quality education
  • Respect for each and everyone
  • Sustainable decision-making and creativity
  • Equal opportunity and empowerment
  • Integrity and dignity
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship

Our Goals and Objectives

Kyosei Foundation wishes to ensure that every vulnerable child, young women and men have the right to a proper foundation of education, the opportunity for a second chance and hope for better life through:

  • Raising awareness and building a brighter future by power of education and entrepreneurship
  • Providing free, high-quality education opportunities and training on a case by case basis
  • Improving and eradicating poverty through far-reaching education efforts
  • Enhancing employability for graduates and increasing community involvement
  • Providing workshops in health-related topics as well as sex education to girls and young women
  • Create women empowerment projects and sustainable solution for girls and women in disadvantaged areas
  • Promoting cultural exchange by welcoming volunteers from all around the world
Message From THE FOUNDER
Following his life motto “Start Small, Start Now”,  – Start Small – Successful Innovators ‘Start Small’ after thinking big and acting. Start Now – Believe, Act and Invest now in someone else’s life for a brighter future community.
Steven Saning’o began teaching English and Computer skills to the underprivileged youths in a single rented room in Arusha. This was the birth moment of Kyosei.
Although I dropped out of the public educational system at a young age in Tanzania, But with support from my family, I was able to successfully start over again. I continued my education at high school level and even finished professional studies in tourism. I knew that most of my peers did not have the same support and opportunity. My friends failed because of high tuition fees, long walking school distances, unstable family environment, and a general lack of emphasis on education, “THIS IS WHERE THE GROWTH OF KYOSEI CAME THROUGH”. I am extremely privileged to found the Kyosei Foundation.  Firstly I want to thank you most sincerely for your incredible generosity in supporting KYOSEI over the past 7 years. Your support enables us to continue our invaluable work with the most vulnerable children and local community in Arusha living on low incomes especially the suburbs area of Terrat Ward in Arusha Region, and build sustainable futures for the entire community, vulnerable children by building a brighter future for them and the community in general. A world without passion and commitment is a world without a future. No matter how rich or poor we are; if we have no passion and commitment towards others, then our lives become empty, hopeless and meaningless. To give to those in need is its own reward; “No one has ever become poor by investing in someone else’s future”.
Every vulnerable child and youths have the right to a proper foundation of education, the opportunity for a second chance and hope for a better life. By raising the awareness of “THE POWER OF EDUCATION IN THE COMMUNITY”. Kyosei Foundation believes in a spring of working together towards a common good by building a brighter future together. Kyosei’s reach to date has been more than 100 local people and 150 international volunteers. We endeavour to continue our work in line towards charity work, education and community support as a sustainable weapon towards our goals. We sincerely thank and acknowledge you for your incredible generosity and ongoing support. We hope and appreciate you continuing to support our mission and vision.
In the end I take this opportunity to welcome you all and wish you all the very best in accomplishing your dreams.
Best Wishes & Regards.

Steven Saning’o Mollel, Founder & Managing Director.