Who we are


‘A Spirit Of Working Together Towards A Common Goal’.

The Kyosei Foundation is a small, transparent charitable non-profit organization based on education established in 2015 with aid programs that provide quality education opportunities and community support projects.
We are a fully volunteering run charitable organization. All contributions go directly to projects, programs, and low operating costs.
We take great pride in the fact that Kyosei is a truly open charitable non-profit organization; we are a lowly people organization, coordinated to provide assistance where it is most needed. It is an officially registered charity with a Registration No: 00NGO/08612 located in Arusha, Tanzania East Africa.

Education, Building a School and Women’s Empowerment Projects.

We are a 100% volunteer charitable organisation that relies on donations. There are many way to help us, including donations, sponsorships, corporate partnerships and volunteering. We need your help to make a difference.

We are currently managing our PRE & PRIMARY SCHOOL for 3 – 8 year olds living with vulnerable children and Adult / Vocational Education Opportunities for 15 – 18 year olds in Arusha.

At a glance

‘A Passion for Education’
With the motto “Start Small, Start Now” Kyosei’s founder Steven Saning’o began teaching english and computer skills to the underprivileged youths in a single rented room in Arusha.

Although he dropped out of the public educational system at a young age, but with support from his family, Steven was able to successfully start over again and continuous in high school to professional studies in tourism. Steven knew that most of his peers did not have the same support. His friends failed because of high tuition fees, an unstable family environment, and a lack of emphasis on education.

Tanzania’s “one-shot only” policy does not allow students a second chance in education, so for many, especially those living in poverty, there is little hope. Steven’s success story was rare, and he wanted to change that. Armed with a passion for education and a strong desire to help his local community, Steven set out to create awareness about the power of education, provide support to those around him, and create long-lasting change.

To raise awareness to the power of education and generate second change in the Tanzanian education system by providing support and opportunities to the disadvantaged children and youths of the Arusha community.

To build a brighter future to the community by catering to the diverse cultural, academic, socio-economic needs and maintain a reputation for being an inclusive and vibrant source of empowerment in Tanzania.

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