Women’s Empowerment

“Our Women Empowerment Programs were created through Kyosei Foundation to counteract the increasing number of young women who statistically will not finish school in local Arusha communities due to pregnancy surges, HIV/AIDS infections as well as a lack of mensuration sanitation hygiene care. We hope to provide knowledge as well as prevention methods for our students and community in general.”

Sexual Education Program-
Our sexual education course highlights and focuses on encouraging absence from sexual intercourse and helpful skills on vocalizing consensual sexual activity. Students leave with knowledge to help avoid sexually transmitted infections, as well as education young women on the options of protection methods.

Breast Health Awareness-
We want students and the community in general to become more informative on What is Breast health awareness? How to detect early signs of Breast cancer and how we can give ourselves self examinations at home. The goal is for our young women to understand the importance of body awareness.

Healthcare and HIV/AIDS-
Teach health, hygiene or the prevention of infectious disease. Offer prenatal counseling, physical fitness classes or diabetes prevention workshops. In Tanzania with HIV/AIDS being a leading cause in diagnoses and virus detection we want volunteers that are passionate about teaching the power of protection against sexual intercourse; as well as knowledge on how without proper treatment HIV can develop into The AIDS virus.
Volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, lab technicians, dentist and health facility administrators are all needed to help treat and support patients and mentor the clinic staff.

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